D. E. Bills

D. E. Bills is a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America. He has an M.A. in Theology from Bob Jones University and a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from Covenant College. His experience in interpreted ministry includes several years of ministry to internationals in Clemson and Greenville SC and preaching in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore

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Why Presbyterians do not Believe that Baptism Regenerates Souls

By: D. E. Bills

or Remits Sins

Volume 12, Number 25 (6/20/2010, to 6/26/2010)

Format: Webpage

Topics: GodApologeticsPhilosophy

Why Presbyterians Only Baptize Once

By: D. E. Bills

Volume 12, Number 24 (6/13/2010, to 6/19/2010)

Format: Webpage

Topics: GodApologeticsPhilosophy

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