Biblical Perspectives Magazine (BPM): About the Magazine

What is Biblical Perspectives Magazine?

Biblical Perspectives Magazine (BPM) is a free, weekly, electronic magazine. We run essays, sermons, and any other material that strikes us as being useful or helpful in Christian thought, living and/or ministry. Most articles are written from the perspective of the Reformed tradition (check out our Reformation history archives if you don't know what the Reformed tradition is). Most contributing authors are pastors or seminary professors, though we also have some very good materials from seminary students and laypeople.

About the Publisher

BPM is the weekly online magazine of Third Millennium Ministries (Thirdmill). Our doctrinal standards are the Westminster Confession of Faith, together with its Shorter and Larger Catechisms. For more information, please visit About Thirdmill.

Editorial Staff

BPM is edited by the staff of Third Millennium Ministries. The current Theological Editor responsible for weekly article selection, editing, and publication is Dr. Joseph R. Nally. Joe is a former pastor and received his Reformed education at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida. He has additional advanced degree studies in theology/history in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, England, and the Czech Republic. He is also a member of the Evangelical Theological Society. Past weekly editors have included Ra McLaughlin (1998-2001 and 2004-2006; M.Div., RTS, Orlando), Rev. Robert Barnes (2002-2003; M.Div., RTS, Orlando), and Matthew Gross (2003-2004; M.A., RTS, Orlando).

History of Biblical Perspectives Magazine

From 1998 until late 2003, BPM was known as Thirdmill Magazine Online. When we started publishing, we didn't do much strategizing. We simply wanted to help Christianity compete for the hearts and minds of the worldwide internet community.

In 2003 we added an independent site for the magazine and we changed its name to Reformed Perspectives Magazine, which was more descriptive of its content.

Later, we shorted the name to RPM, and kept that for many years. However, as our readership and ministry grew, we found that many believers around the world were unfamiliar with the term "Reformed," and that many others wrongly assumed that "RPM" stood for "Richard Pratt Magazine" (Richard Pratt is our President and Co-Founder). So, at the beginning of 2020, we changed the name to Biblical Perspectives Magazine, or BPM in its short form.