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4 the World is a production of Thirdmill, where we are re-imagining biblical education for Christian leaders in a global church. Each week, we bring you conversations to cultivate your curiosity about God’s world, to inform your intercessions for God’s people and to equip your efforts in God’s mission.

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    The Trip Wire of Tradition (Dr. Justin Holcomb)

  • Episode 24 - The Tradition of Advent

    As Protestants, we're perhaps most aware of our traditions during the holidays. Indeed, many of us have strong family traditions wrapped around Christmas. But where did these traditions come from? Parents among our listeners will also want to know how tools like calendars, wreaths, the Jesse tree, and lighting the candles help our families remember Christ's birth and long for his return. This very practical episode with Dr. Justin Holcomb will not only help parents, it will encourage us all to understand how Jesus' revelation as the Light of the World will make things right "far as the curse is found."

    Date: November 21, 2018
    Runtime: 16:51
  • Episode 23 - Health-Giving Words

    Heresy is poison. If something is heresy, it annihilates hope because it contradicts the Good News. Heresy says, "God’s not who he says he is. Christ didn’t accomplish what he said he did on your behalf." The antidote is sound doctrine or health-giving words. Our confessions and creeds are like a vaccine against the disease of heresy. Join us as Dr. Justin Holcomb shares with us his insights on the remedy to heresy in the modern world.

    Date: November 14, 2018
    Runtime: 13:46
  • Episode 22 - Heresy is a Tricky Word

    What do you think of when you hear the word "heresy"? Given our responsibility to defend the faith, as well as to speak truthfully about one another, Dr. Justin Holcomb talks about how important it is that we not misuse the word "heresy" or "heretic." He also discusses the important differences between heresy, heterodoxy and those secondary matters we can dispute within the church without sacrificing our unity. To illustrate, he introduces us to Marcion, one of the church's earliest heretics, and talks about how dualism still affects the church today. Tradition can be a valuable protection against false teaching like the kind of dualism that separates ministries of word and deed.

    Date: November 7, 2018
    Runtime: 12:56
  • Episode 21 - How Does the Bible View Tradition?

    Tradition: On the one hand, it's like an alarm that protects valuables in the household of faith. On the other hand, it can really trip us up if we give creeds and confessions more credence than the Bible, or if we use tradition as a substitute for a fresh encounter with Scripture. In this episode, our guest Dr. Justin Holcomb, the Canon for Vocations in the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida, helps us navigate the mixed report that the Bible gives tradition and what we like to call "the trip wire of tradition."

    Date: October 31, 2018
    Runtime: 13:18

  • The Image of God (Dr. Vincent Bacote)

  • Episode 20 - Are Evangelicals Experiencing an Identity Crisis?

    Is there an evangelical identity crisis? "Yes," says Dr. Vincent Bacote. "There's been one for a long time, but it's been intensified since the 2016 election." So, what do we do? Although evangelicals share basic characteristics, there's a wide diversity of public expressions of our faith. And this long-standing diversity, combined with difficult options at the ballot box, make this question urgent. In this episode, Dr. Bacote offers resources and hopeful examples of expressing faith in public as we move toward the midterm elections.

    Date: October 24, 2018
    Runtime: 13:59
  • Episode 19 - Our First Great Commission as Citizens

    Should we only attend to politics when the fire alarm is going off? Dr. Vincent Bacote tells us that if we're seeking the flourishing of our neighbors, we can't look away from political life. If Christians take seriously the command to love our neighbors as ourselves, there's no asterisk that means our neighbors are only people that I like or that I agree with. But we must give politics its proper weight. For some that means attending to politics and participating in it. For others, that means stepping back from treating our political commitments at the same level as our commitment to Christ.

    Date: October 17, 2018
    Runtime: 14:52
  • Episode 18 - Our First Great Commission as Workers

    What does God's work in the Garden of Eden tell us about the value of human work? What should we being doing as God's workers? According to Dr. Vincent Bacote, Genesis 1:28 gives us our first Great Commission as God's workers. As image bearers, we reflect God by caring for, keeping and extending the garden that he planted. But although we are workers like God, we're also—like God—much more than our work.

    Date: October 10, 2018
    Runtime: 13:02
  • Episode 17 - What Does it Mean To Be Created in God's Image?

    You may have been called a lot of things in your life, but you've probably never been accused of being a "divine image-bearer." In this episode, our guest, Dr. Vincent Bacote, unpacks the three main ways theologians have described the image of God in humankind and how all three views are important for understanding our human vocation. Dr. Bacote also describes how this radical description of human beings dignifies us for the respect and love God commands us to show to our neighbors and ourselves.

    Date: October 3, 2018
    Runtime: 14:23

  • Growing Bold, Not Old, in Our Faith (Dr. Steve Brown)

  • Episode 16 - How Do We Stay in the Race for the Long Haul?

    What does it take to run the race of faith? How should we prepare for ministry? This week Dr. Steve Brown and Dr. Richard Pratt discuss how faith isn't a sprint, but a marathon that requires spiritual conditioning, training and, as Steve says, "a bit of a mean streak … like the old circuit riders." And Richard prescribes "simulated combat" or "boot camp" that puts seminarians on the streets and in hospital rooms. Enjoy this lively and informative conversation as we discuss these and other topics with two old friends.

    Date: September 26, 2018
    Runtime: 16:37
  • Episode 15 - How Do We Keep Growing?

    Why don't we pray? According to Dr. Steve Brown, President of Key Life Network, "Unbelievers don’t pray because they're afraid God is going to show. And, if God shows, they're in trouble, because they can't be God anymore. Christians don't pray because they're afraid God won’t show … [but] God does show." Join us, whether with your morning coffee or on your evening commute, as Dr. Steve Brown and Dr. Richard Pratt discuss why we pray and the role of suffering in the Christian life.

    Date: September 19, 2018
    Runtime: 12:26
  • Episode 14 - We're a Mess, and We Just Can't Help It

    "The essence of Christian faith is forgiveness … given by screwed-up people to other screwed-up people." This week, we welcome back Dr. Steve Brown, President of Key Life Network and friend of Third Mill, and Dr. Richard Pratt, President of Third Mill. They talk about how this message of forgiveness is spreading like wildfire throughout Asia, Latin America and Africa. They also discuss a very real threat to this message and why it's so important for Christians to share Jesus' passion for the growth of his Kingdom with people in places very different from our own.

    Date: September 12, 2018
    Runtime: 13:57
  • Episode 13 - Communicating Across Deep Divides

    Because of growing divisions in our society, it's getting harder to talk about important things, not just with our neighbors, but even in our own families. Many of us see only obstacles, not opportunities to share our faith. In this episode, Dr. Richard Pratt shares the story of an American Jew, who was a practicing Buddhist, who came to Christ through Richard's near-death experience. And Dr. Steve Brown describes evangelism as a welcoming party where Christians are willing to show their neighbors how they really live, warts and all.

    Date: September 5, 2018
    Runtime: 11:19

  • Practicing Theology in the Christian Life (Dr. John Frame)

  • Episode 12 - Practicing Witness

    Dr. John Frame discusses our witness and the missional identity of the church. How do we practice theological education? What have Lesslie Newbigin and Harvie Conn contributed to this dialog? And, at a time when our civil discourse has become less civil, why is the gospel, and not just natural law, so vital to the church's public witness and theology?
    This concludes Season 1.

    Date: July 18, 2018
    Runtime: 14:20
  • Episode 11 - Practicing Worship

    What is the "regulative principle" of worship and how do we make good use of it? How do we evaluate the role of music and the use of instruments in corporate worship? What Scriptural limits and freedoms should we be observing regarding the service of gifted women and non-ordained men in public worship? Join us as we consider these and other worship-related questions with Dr. John Frame.

    Date: July 11, 2018
    Runtime: 12:03
  • Episode 10 - Practicing Ethics

    Where do we find the strength and help to do God's will? Dr. John Frame discusses the important role a community of Spirit-filled, Spirit-gifted believers has in helping us grow in righteousness. We touch on questions relevant to today. For instance, how do we develop a set of ethical criteria for distributing and paying for health care?

    Date: July 4, 2018
    Runtime: 12:01
  • Episode 9 - Practicing Theology

    Is theology only an academic discipline, or are all Christians called to doing theology as we apply the Scriptures to our lives? Dr. John Frame challenges us to consider that we can only truly know ourselves if we understand and know God, that is, if we do theology well.

    Date: June 27, 2018
    Runtime: 13:05

  • Collaboration and Creativity to Equip Church Leaders (Rev. Will Savell)

  • Episode 8 - A New Partnership with the Argentine Bible Society

    Will Savell announces Teleios, a new multi-member partnership led by the Argentine Bible Society. In conjunction with the Grace Institute, Third Mill, and Leadership Ministries Worldwide (LMW), this innovative ministry provides a free digital-learning platform for Spanish-speaking pastors. Through their vast network, the Argentine Bible Society has already attracted more than 2000 students who have made a commitment to growing in their Christian maturity through this ministry!

    Date: June 20, 2018
    Runtime: 12:26
  • Episode 7 - The Growth of the Latino Church

    Many missiologists claim that Latin America is reached for Christ. But the prosperity gospel and syncretistic expressions of Christianity are widespread. Will Savell tells us why Third Mill's materials are necessary for the church in Latin America and the Caribbean to grow mature and strong. He also identifies several ministry sites where the Grace Institute and Third Mill are working together to strengthen the Latino church.

    Date: June 13, 2018
    Runtime: 12:55
  • Episode 6 - What We Love about Thirdmill's Curriculum (with Josh Warren and Will Savell)

    Will Savell introduces Josh Warren, the new Director of Curriculum at the Grace Institute. Will and Josh discuss what they look for in ministry training materials and why they've chosen to partner with Third Mill. They also offer innovative ways to adapt and format Third Mill's curriculum for pastors in remote rural regions.

    Date: June 6, 2018
    Runtime: 12:23
  • Episode 5 - The Bear Grylls of Pastoral Training

    Will Savell, the founder and president of the Grace Institute (and a key partner and champion for Third Mill's training curriculum!), tells us about the acute need for pastoral-training resources that motivated him to start the Grace Institute. He also outlines three distinctives of his work and shares a story or two about the "Bear Grylls approach" that some pastoral training contexts require.

    Date: May 30, 2018
    Runtime: 11:26

  • True and Lasting Reform (Dr. Richard Pratt)

  • Episode 4 - The Gospel of the Kingdom in the New Testament

    "Repent for the Kingdom of [God] is at hand!" (Matt 4:17) is the way Jesus summarized the good news. How does the kingdom or reign of God affect our understanding of the Christian life and our role as Christ's witnesses? Dr. Richard Pratt discusses the Messiah's reign and his diplomatic core, the church, in this episode of 4 the World.

    Date: May 23, 2018
    Runtime: 12:11
  • Episode 3 - The Gospel of the Kingdom in the Old Testament

    Dr Richard Pratt unpacks an important theme that runs throughout the Scriptures: the Kingdom or Reign of God. While most people understand its importance in the Gospels, they are not aware of how it informs all biblical covenants and Christian discipleship in every area of our lives.

    Date: May 16, 2018
    Runtime: 8:48
  • Episode 2 - Interpreting the Lessons of the Reformation for Today

    In the wake of his recent visit to China, and with his approaching visit to Covenant College in view, Dr. Richard Pratt talks about how God's people in very different cultural circumstances can apply some of the lessons of the Reformation today, 500 years later. In particular, he explores the theme of the gospel of the kingdom of God and how the Lord Jesus calls for our loyalty and obedience in every arena of life, not just in our so-called religious worship.

    Date: May 9, 2018
    Runtime: 12:18
  • Episode 1 - Remembering the Reformation in the Third Millennium

    In our opening edition of 4 the World, Dr. Greg Perry interviews the Founder and President of Third Millennium Ministries, Dr. Richard Pratt, regarding some misconceptions about the Reformation in Europe. While many people are aware of the doctrinal reforms of people like Luther and Calvin, they are less familiar with the social reforms and their theological foundation.

    Date: May 2, 2018
    Runtime: 9:39