Thirdmill's Academic Partners

Degree Pathways

Belhaven University

Belhaven University offers affordable, fully online degree options using Thirdmill's courseware in their Bachelor's and Master's programs in Biblical Studies. Belhaven's service to students joins Third Millennium's engaging multimedia lessons to form a high-impact, low-cost education.

BibleMesh Institute

In addition to offering affordable access to Thirdmill courses on its BibleMesh platform, the BibleMesh Institute offers a Third Millennium Certificate comprised of 8 courses that are worth up to 24 credit hours at the Master’s level under faculty supervision. This certificate is transferable to certain other BibleMesh and Thirdmill partners, when students are accepted into their degree programs.

Birmingham Theological Seminary

The first 14 courses (27 credits) of the Certificate in Christian Ministry from Birmingham Theological Seminary are available absolutely free of charge for students who live outside the United States. Students can request that the credits be applied towards other degree pathways offered at BTS.

City Vision University

City Vision University will provide scholarship credit for four Thirdmill courses and transfer credits to City Vision’s undergraduate programs in Christian ministry.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary offers a Master of Arts in Christian Studies that recognizes Thirdmill courses for 24 of its 36 required credits. These 24 credits are offered in the Third Millennium Certificate through the BibleMesh Institute.

Union Theological College

Union Theological College (Belfast, Northern Ireland) offers an accredited Graduate Diploma and a Graduate Certificate in Theology under the supervision of the Presbyterian Theological faculty. Thirdmill courses offered on the BibleMesh platform are integrated into those programs.