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Bibles That Changed the World

Explore the effect the Bible has had on the world by studying a variety of ancient artifacts.

Produced in partnership with Museum of the Bible.

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About this Lesson Series

Instructor: Multiple Instructors-MTB
Discipline: Church History
Course Group: Church History
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Of all the books in the world, the Bible is unique. Not only is its text rich and fascinating, but from its very first words, the Bible has changed the world. Today, a number of artifacts (currently housed at Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C.) are helping us make sense of the history of this astounding book and of the people who have listened to it, read it, studied it, argued over it and proven it throughout the ages.

Series Goals:

  • Introduce artifacts that have influenced how the Bible has been read, studied and transmitted.
  • Explore the effect the Bible has had on both Jewish and Christian communities over the centuries.
  • Learn about the stability of the biblical text by comparing a variety of sources and translations.
  • Discover how ancient artifacts have been used to illuminate and decipher historical data.