Audio Sermons & Lectures: FAQ

Which link should I use to get my file?

That depends on the size and quality you want. Our links use the following types of abbreviations:

  • mp3-32 - MP3 format, 32 kbps
  • mp3-16 - MP3 format, 16 kbps
  • rm-32 - RealMedia format, 32 kbps
  • rm-16 - RealMedia format, 16 kbps
  • iTunes - iTunes format

How do I download audio files?

For most web browsers, right clicking on the link provides the option to download the target file.

How do I play audio files?

To hear RealMedia recordings, you need the free plug-in RealPlayer. Almost any free media player will play MP3 recordings, including Windows Media Player and QuickTime. To hear iTunes recordings, you need iTunes.

Why do offer low bit-rate options on some files?

Low kbps rates provide sufficient quality to hear our recordings, and keep file sizes small. They are especially useful to those whose internet access is slow and/or unreliable, and those who pay for their access by the minute or by bandwidth used. A huge portion of our internet traffic is international and relies on these types of access.