Church History

Learn from more than 60 theologians, pastors and teachers as they offer insight into the history of the church, from the apostolic era through the Reformation.

About this Lesson Series

Instructor: Multiple Instructors-CH1
Discipline: Church History
Course Group: Church History
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Church history describes the growth of God’s kingdom on earth starting with Jesus and his disciples in Jerusalem to the emergence of a global religion with countless followers from all nations. In this series, we’ll explore the growth and development of the church throughout history from the time of the apostles to the time of the Reformation. In the process, we’ll see the development of Christian theology, especially as God worked providentially in the church to clarify the Bible’s teaching on Trinitarian theology during the time of the church councils and soteriology during the time of the Reformation.

Series Goals:

  • Outline the history of the church from the time of the apostles through the Reformation.
  • Explore theological controversies regarding the Trinity and Christology during the time of the church councils.
  • Explore the various interactions between the church and its surrounding culture throughout history.
  • Understand the forces that led to the Reformation in Europe.
  • Explore the theological controversies surrounding soteriology and Scripture during the Reformation.