The Paul Project

Our free Pauline resources are listed under the following categories:

Cultural influences on Paul, his writings and his audieces
From Paul's conversion to the consummation of his missionary career
Circumstances occasioning his letters, background on his audiences, and content overview
Overview, evaluation, synthesis and abstraction
Paul's influence on life and culture throughout history
Resources employed in creating this site, and recommended commentaries
Study helps available online or through internet purchase

Founder's Note: The Paul Project was begun in 1995 and has been modified and expanded in subsequent years by my students at RTS: Ty Taylor (epistles, overall design); Ashley Steadfield (background); Chris Pekary (life); Jim Michalski (theology); Patrick Rockholz (impact); Patrick Harmon; Joel Thomas (epistles); Vanessa Helmes (impact); Chris Attaway (background); Terry Hood (design); Brad Bresson (links); Ra McLaughlin (overall design, impact).

Dr. Reggie Kidd, Professor of New Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL; Founder of the Paul Project