He Gave Us Scripture: Foundations of Interpretation

Take an in-depth look at the dynamics of interpreting God's Word and applying it to our lives.

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About this Lesson Series

Instructor: Multiple Instructors-HGB
Discipline: Practical Theology
Course Group: Hermeneutics
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Evangelical Christians affirm the Scriptures as God's inerrant word, but we still disagree sometimes over the meaning of particular verses or passages. And these differences can influence our Christian doctrine and practice. One reason for these disagreements is that there are many different approaches to interpreting the Bible. But how do we know which approach to interpretation is the most responsible?

Series Goals:

  • Introduce the basic concepts of interpretation.
  • Provide a philosophy of interpretation focused on discerning the original meaning of Scripture.
  • Provide a philosophy of interpretation that leads to responsible, practical modern application.