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  • Wrestling with Infant Baptism
    I'm studying the paedobaptism issue, and the books and papers I am using are quite numerous (authors include: credobaptists -- T. E. Watson, P. K. Jewett, Fred Malone, Greg Welty, David Kingdon, Sam Waldron, T. J. Conant., J. L. Dagg; paedobaptists -- John Murray, Robert Reymond, B. B. Warfield, R. C. Sproul, Pierre Marcel, Merideth Kline, Randy Booth, Charles Hodge, R. L. Dabny, J. H. Thornwell; plus various puritans and Reformed confessions). To date I find the Reformed Baptist stuff to be the most biblical. It just seems to fit better than the paedobaptism reasoning, but I'm open to change. How one understands the covenants and their fulfillment, etc., would appear to be crucial. Any thoughts?

  • Worship on Days Other Than Sunday
    I am looking for supporting information on worship other than on Sunday

  • Modern Worship: I'm Okay, You're Okay?
    I've noticed many churches, including my own, changing their worship services to a more charismatic environment. There are more "worship sets" of standing and singing, and the preaching seems to be diminishing. Our pastor, who once was known of stepping on a few toes, is now telling cute stories from the pulpit. A friend from another denomination has noticed the same thing. Where is the meat of the service? Are we quenching the Holy Spirit by not helping convict people of their sins? Are we getting away from the Bible and moving toward a dangerous area where we say, "I'm okay and you're okay"?

  • Play that Funky Music
    What do you think about music in church? I think it helps you get into it more. What does the Bible say?

  • Offending Women
    Is a PCA church "right" when they use women to distribute the Lord's Supper in these instances: A) Women and men pass the elements down rows to congregants; B) Women and men stand at the front while congregants come and take elements from them? How would you advise a PCA church that has been practicing these things and thereby disturbing eight or ten of 170 people? Should the church "stand for freedom," relinquish its rights to freedom for sake of the weaker brother, or simply castrate the opposition?

  • Is Sunday the Sabbath?
    Why do so many people go to church on Sunday, clearly the first day of the week, when in the Bible it says to go to church on the seventh day?

  • Exlcusive Psalmody, No Instrumentation
    I have a friend who is adamant that Psalms are the only legitimate lyric for worship on Sundays, and moreover that musical instruments have been abolished and are prohibited since the end of the Levitical priesthood. I've read around the supporting text and essays, but I'm not convinced. What do you guys think?

  • What about Holidays?
    Should Christians celebrate Christmas? Should Christians celebrate New Years and birthdays? Are they links to paganism? What did Paul really mean when he said not to observe special days, weeks, months or years?

  • Is Circumcision for Today?
    Is there anything in the Bible that says baby boys should still be circumcised?

  • Infant Baptism
    What does the Bible say about Infant Baptism? Should churches practice it?

  • Infant Communion
    I know of quite a few Reformed people who advocate paedocommunion (infant communion) as they believe this is part of God's covenant promise with His children. They use many different examples but one of the major ones that is taken is an analogy drawn from our Reformed belief in paedobaptism. It is also argued that paedocommunion is possible, despite Paul's admonishment to examine oneself, because Paul was primarily concerned with addressing adults in that passage. Is this correct? Is paedocommunion, like paedobaptism, a practice that Reformed people should observe? If so, why? If no, then why not?