Biblical Education. For the World. For Free.

Biblical Education.
For the World.
For Free.

Third Millennium Ministries

' free seminary training includes graphic-driven videos, printed instruction and internet resources. Study at home, in your own language, at your own pace.

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volume: 19
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number: 47

RPM Volume 19, Number 47

Upcoming Events

  • 2018 Cruise
  • December 9
    Dr. Richard Pratt participating in FREE online discussion 9:30am (EST)
    Innovation in the Development of Online Educational Content related to international pastoral training
    Aqueduct Project
  • December 12-14
    Dr. Richard Pratt teaching
    He Gave Us Scripture class
    for Campus Outreach staff
    Knox Theological Seminary
  • January 8-12
    Dr. Richard Pratt teaching
    IIIM's He Gave Us Prophets
    Pastors Training Course
    Cornhill Scotland
    Glasgow, Scotland
  • January 10
    Mr. Ra McLaughlin speaking at
    Christ & Culture Discipleship Forum

    First Presbyterian Church
    Rome, GA