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Video Seminary Courses

Browse available courses by title, or search for courses and lessons using our search the engine. Our video seminary courses can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Download video, audio and/or text files of the entire lesson and play them on your computer with QuickTime Player. Downloadable files are available on each course's main page.
  • Launch our custom video or audio lesson player to study the lesson in segments. The lesson players also link to related audio/video resources, and provide a lesson outline.
  • Text versions of the lessons can also be viewed online in our text lesson player.
  • Whichever format you choose for the lessons, make sure to use the lesson guide to enhance your understanding of the lesson. Lesson guides are available on each course's main page. The lesson guide includes time codes for each section of the lesson. This makes it easy to stop and restart, and to replay portions of the lesson. The lesson guide also includes a note-taking section, complete with a detailed lesson outline and "seed" notes on critical concepts. It also includes review questions and discussion topics (application questions) to help you make sure you've learned the lesson's content.
  • The video versions of the lesson offer the fullest educational experience. The video presentations make difficult concepts easier to understand, and provide many useful visual aids to comprehension and data retention.

Courses may be viewed in any order. However, we recommend they be studied in the following order:

  1. Kingdom, Covenants & Canon of the Old Testament
  2. Kingdom & Covenant in the New Testament
  3. The Apostles' Creed
  4. Building Your Theology
  5. The Pentateuch
  6. The Gospels
  7. The Book of Acts
  8. The Book of Joshua
  9. The Book of Samuel
  10. He Gave Us Prophets
  11. The Prophetic Wisdom of Hosea
  12. The Heart of Paul's Theology
  13. Paul's Prison Epistles
  14. The Book of Hebrews
  15. The Epistle of James
  16. The Book of Revelation
  17. He Gave Us Scripture: Foundations of Interpretation
  18. We Believe in God
  19. Building Systematic Theology
  20. We Believe in Jesus
  21. The Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity
  22. We Believe In The Holy Spirit
  23. Building Biblical Theology
  24. What Is Man?
  25. Your Kingdom Come: The Doctrine Of Eschatology
  26. Making Biblical Decisions
  27. Church History

See How to use the Seminary Curriculum for more detailed information on deploying the curriculum in classroom, group and individual settings.

Biblical Perspectives Magazine (BPM)

Browse the article archives by topic, or search for articles using our search engine. Articles can be viewed online or downloaded to your computer. If you find them difficult to read nest in our webpage, use the "Open article in new browser window" link found the article when you open it.

Any article may be copied and distributed for educational use, as long you don't charge more for the copies than your actual cost to make the copies. To republish an article you must obtain permission from its author.

Audio Sermons & Lectures

Browse the audio sermons and lectures by speaker, series or topic. You may either listen to the audio files online or download them to your computer. There is no limit to how long you may keep the files on your computer.

Many audio files are available in multiple formats. The link to download a file indicates its encoding format (e.g., "mp3") followed by a dash ("-") and then its bit rate (e.g., "16"). Higher bit rates provide better quality, but the file sizes are larger.

Q&A Knowledgebase

Browse the Q&A by topic, or search for a keyword or phrase using our search engine.

Any Q&A may be copied and distributed for educational use, as long you don't charge more for the copies than your actual cost to make the copies. To republish a Q&A, you must obtain permission from its author.