Dr. Peter Walker

Rev. Dr. Peter Walker is the Assistant Dean for Great Britain and Europe at The Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies. Dr. Walker was the Professor of Biblical Studies at Trinity School for Ministry, outside Pittsburgh, PA. He read Classics at Cambridge University and then spent 7 years of his life studying the topic of Jerusalem at doctoral level, which led to the publication of his two major academic monographs: “Holy City Holy Places? Christian attitudes to Jerusalem and the Holy Land in the Fourth Century” and “Jesus and the Holy City: New Testament Perspectives on Jerusalem.” For 16 years he taught New Testament studies at Wycliffe Hall, the evangelical seminary within the University of Oxford; during this time he produced several further books on the Holy Land: “In the Steps of Jesus: an illustrated guide to the places of the Gospels;” “The Weekend that Changed the World: The Mystery of Jerusalem’s Empty Tomb;” “Walking in His Steps,” with G.S. Tomlin; “The Story of the Holy Land: a visual history.” His other books include: “Jesus and His World;” “The Lion Guide to the Bible;” “In the Steps of Saint Paul: an illustrated guide to Paul’s journeys.” Dr. Walker is an ordained clergyman within the Church of England, and has led numerous tours to the Holy Land and the Middle East. He has also completed the filming project in all places visited by both Jesus and Paul as discussed in his two books In the Steps of Jesus and In the Steps of Saint Paul.

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