He Gave Us Prophets

He Gave Us Prophets cover art
Instructor: Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr.
Lessons: 8
Discipline: Old Testament
Course Group: Hermeneutics

Prophecy is both exciting and frustrating. Most Christians are intrigued by biblical predictions, but at a loss when it comes to understanding them. Feeling overwhelmed by its complicated history and literature, we often disregard this part of the Bible.

But God did not give us prophecy just so that we would ignore it. And prophecy is extremely valuable to us when we interpret it rightly. When we understand the prophets' motivations and methods, we are better equipped to discover the significance of their words for today.

Course Goals:

  • Explain the role of prophecy throughout the Bible.
  • Survey the major genres and functions of biblical prophecy.
  • Provide a biblical, responsible method for interpreting prophecy and applying it in the modern world.

36 min.

Lesson 1: Essential Hermeneutical Perspectives

Explores the confusion about prophecy, a prophet's experience, original meaning and New Testament perspectives on Old Testament prophecy.
33 min.

Lesson 2: A Prophet's Job

Explores the job titles, transitions and expectations of a prophet.
44 min.

Lesson 3: The People of the Covenant

Examines humanity and covenant, Israel and covenant as well as salvation and covenant.
42 min.

Lesson 4: Dynamics of the Covenants

Explores covenant ideals, judgments and blessings.
44 min.

Lesson 5: Historical Analysis of Prophecy

Examines how Old Testament history provides the context for properly understanding Old Testament prophecy.
42 min.

Lesson 6: Literary Analysis of the Prophets

Examines three different kinds of literature within Old Testament prophecy: historical narratives, communication with God and communication with people.
48 min.

Lesson 7: The Purpose of Predictions

Explores four topics related to prophetic words about the future: God's sovereignty, human contingencies, degrees of certainty, and desired outcomes.
48 min.

Lesson 8: Unfolding Eschatology

Focuses on how prophetic eschatology developed through the historical periods of: Moses, the early prophets, the later prophets, and the New Testament.