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Paul's Prison Epistles

Paul's Prison Epistles cover art
Instructor: Dr. Reggie Kidd
Lessons: 5
Forums: 5
Discipline: New Testament
Course Group: Pauline Epistles

As Christians we face many challenges to our faith. False teachings and worldviews assault our loyalty to Christ. Suffering tempts us to think that God is not in control, or that he does have our best interests at heart. And our relationships with other believers are often strained to the point that we doubt the value of the church. But Paul had responses to these types of difficulties — responses that he outlined in his letters from prison.

Course Goals:

  • Explain the details and circumstances of Paul's imprisonment.
  • Describe the ministry Paul conducted from prison.
  • Summarize the structure, content, original meaning and modern application of Colossians, Ephesians, Philemon and Philippians.

84 min.

Lesson 1: Paul's Imprisonment

Surveys the circumstances that gave rise to Paul's letters to the Colossians, Philemon, the Ephesians and the Philippians.
67 min.

Forum 1: Paul's Imprisonment

Q&A on Lesson 1 with Dr. Reggie M. Kidd.
91 min.

Lesson 2: Paul and the Colossians

Examines Paul's response to the heretical teachings that introduced the veneration of lesser spiritual beings into Christian worship.
76 min.

Forum 2: Paul and the Colossians

Q&A on Lesson 2 with Dr. Reggie M. Kidd.
92 min.

Lesson 3: Paul and the Ephesians

Examines how Paul designed Ephesians to teach Christians how to build, maintain and thrive in God's kingdom.
77 min.

Forum 3: Paul and the Ephesians

Q&A on Lesson 3 with Dr. Reggie M. Kidd.
77 min.

Lesson 4: Paul and Philemon

Paul wrote Philemon for a favor, asking Philemon to reconcile himself to Onesimus.
83 min.

Forum 4: Paul and Philemon

Q&A on Lesson 4 with Dr. Reggie M. Kidd.
92 min.

Lesson 5: Paul and the Philippians

Examines Paul's letter of hope and encouragement for the times of persecution and distress he and the Philippians faced.
83 min.

Forum 5: Paul and the Philippians

Q&A on Lesson 5 with Dr. Reggie M. Kidd.