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The Gospel of the Kingdom in the New Testament


Date: 2018-05-23
Run Time: 0:12:11
Host: Dr. Gregory R. Perry
Guest: Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr.
From the Series: True and Lasting Reform

Program Notes

Welcome back to 4 the World, the weekly podcast of Third Millennium Ministries in Orlando, FL. But, we haven't been talking about a magic kingdom, the number one destination here in Central Florida, we've been talking about a kingdom that is not from this world, but is 4 this world, the kingdom of God. I'm your host Greg Perry, and again we are privileged to have with us the founder and president of Third Millennium, Dr. Richard Pratt. Richard, I think our last podcast may have given many, if not most of our listeners a lot to think about regarding the importance of the kingdom of God throughout Scripture, not just in the New Testament.

  1. Jesus had a unique way of describing God's reign as both present and future, now and not yet. Many of the lessons in our Third Mill curriculum make much of this structure that Jesus laid out? Why is it so helpful for understanding the Christian life? Greg, I think we need to be honest that Jesus exploded many of the expectations the people of Judea had in the 1st century about the Messiah and the kingdom he would bring. Many thought that a Davidic king would come and throw the Romans out of Palestine, and set everything right. Instead, Jesus introduced the notion that the kingdom would arrive in stages, arriving with him, but not coming in its fullness until he would come again.
  2. Jesus healed and confronted demonic activities saying that "the kingdom of God is in your midst." But, he also said "you will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds," and that "the gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world...then the end will come." How does this relate to the OT notion of the Day of the Lord and other ways the prophets spoke about the end of history? Greg, the prophets used cataclysmic imagery to speak of the end of history, but also of the end of kingdoms, the end of a specific king's reign. Part of what Jesus is doing in the NT is stretching out the Day of the Lord to include a period of witness. In many ways, the church is King Jesus' diplomatic core, suing for peace with the nations before our great King comes again. Now, you must remember that these diplomats were also soldiers, part of the war effort. Still, they also negotiated or summoned kings to make peace with their ruler. That is what Paul means when he calls us "ambassadors for Christ, who are pleading 'be reconciled to God!'"

The study the gospel of the kingdom and its importance for understanding the New Covenant era, follow the link below to our course "Kingdom and Covenant in the New Testament."

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