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Remembering the Reformation in the Third Millennium


Date: 2018-05-02
Run Time: 00:09:39
Host: Dr. Gregory R. Perry
Guest: Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr.
From the Series: True and Lasting Reform

Program Notes

"4 the World" is the new podcast of Third Millennium ministries. Each week, we will bring you conversations designed to cultivate your curiosity about God's Word, inform your intercessions for God's People, and equip your co-laboring efforts in God's mission 4 the world.

To all you early adopters who know, love, and support Third Mill with your prayers and finances, thank you for responding to our invitation to tune in, and tell your friends where they can find "4 the World" on iTunes or under the Listen tab on our website at thirdmill.org.

Our first guest on this first podcast is Dr. Richard Pratt, the Co-Founder and President of Third Millennium Ministries, here in Orlando.

Richard is traveling a little more than usual this year because many of the world's Christians are remembering and reflecting on very important developments in Europe, 500 years ago, the Protestant Reformation

Theme: Remember the Reformation, but renew its teachings for the Third Millennium.

  • a) What are some of the achievements of the Reformation that make it valuable for the church to celebrate it, even 500 years later?
  • b) But, every age and place has its own challenges, its own corruptions. How do the teachings and practices of the Reformation help Christians bear true witness to Christ today?
  • c) On the very day we marked 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the Wittenburg Door, you spoke at Covenant College. Can you give us a taste of what you think Christian college students need to recall and reappropriate about the Reformation?

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