Our Team

  1. Leadership
  2. Global Opportunities Network
  3. Design Production
  4. Global Languages
  5. Delivery Systems
  6. Advancement and Generosity
  7. Marketing
  8. Administration
  9. Board of Directors
  10. Faculty Board of Approval
  11. In Memoriam
  1. Alex Bogat

    Alex Bogat

    Director of Russian Projects

  2. Helena Bogat

    Helena Bogat

    Director of Russian Projects

  3. Igor Bogat

    Igor Bogat

    Russian Video Editor / Narrator

  4. Jerry Chen

    Jerry Chen

    Chinese Production Assistant

  5. Seydi Creech

    Seydi Creech

    Director of Spanish Projects

  6. Larry Gwaltney

    Larry Gwaltney

    VP of Language Production Initiatives

  7. Annabella Linares

    Annabella Linares

    Global Languages and Social Media Coordinator

  8. Fengxia Ma

    Fengxia Ma

    Director of Chinese Projects

  9. Roaya Souti

    Roaya Souti

    Arabic Graphic Web Editor

  10. Mina Yousef

    Mina Yousef

    Director of Middle Eastern Production

  11. OZ

    Oscar Zapata

    Director of Global Languages