Our Team

  1. Leadership
  2. Global Opportunities Network
  3. Design Production
  4. Global Languages
  5. Delivery Systems
  6. Advancement and Generosity
  7. Administration
  8. Board of Directors
  9. Faculty Board of Approval
  10. In Memoriam
  1. Jann Eckenwiler

    Jann Eckenwiler

    Curriculum Assistant

  2. Julia Girling

    Julia Girling

    Assistant Project Manager

  3. Kelly Hinkle

    Kelly Hinkle

    Donor Communications Specialist

  4. Annabella Linares

    Annabella Linares

    Auxiliary Platform Manager

  5. Sean Luo

    Sean Luo


  6. Dr. Richard Ramsay

    Dr. Richard Ramsay

    Online Course Designer

  7. Cindy Sawyer

    Cindy Sawyer

    Director of Curriculum

  8. David Schuster

    David Schuster

    Video Designer

  9. Jim Southard

    Jim Southard

    Production Studio Manager

  10. Kristy Spanjer

    Kristy Spanjer

    Curriculum Assistant

  11. Laura Way

    Laura Way

    Marketing Coordinator

  12. David Zoeller

    David Zoeller

    Director of Digital Management