Our Team

  1. Leadership
  2. Global Opportunities Network
  3. Design Production
  4. Global Languages
  5. Delivery Systems
  6. Advancement and Generosity
  7. Marketing
  8. Administration
  9. Board of Directors
  10. Faculty Board of Approval
  11. In Memoriam
  1. Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr.

    Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr.


  2. Eric Linares

    Eric Linares

    Executive Director

  3. Jamison Griffin

    Jamison Griffin

    VP of Advancement and Generosity Dept.

  4. Rev. Andrew S. Lamb

    Rev. Andrew S. Lamb

    VP of Global Opportunities Dept.

  5. Ra McLaughlin

    Ra McLaughlin

    VP of Operations and Finance, and Delivery Depts., CFO

  6. Dr. Gregory R. Perry

    Dr. Gregory R. Perry

    VP of Strategic Projects

  7. Careth Turner

    Careth Turner

    VP of Design Production