Our Team

  1. Leadership
  2. Global Opportunities Network
  3. Design Production
  4. Global Languages
  5. Delivery Systems
  6. Advancement and Generosity
  7. Administration
  8. Board of Directors
  9. Faculty Board of Approval
  10. In Memoriam
  1. Steve Kammer

    Steve Kammer

    Director of Thirdmill Institute

  2. Rev. Brandon Lutz

    Rev. Brandon Lutz

    Partnerships Director

  3. Brent Ropp

    Brent Ropp

    VP of TGN Field Staff

  4. A

    Rev. A

    Area Director – South Asia

  5. C

    Rev. Caleb

    Area Director of East Asia

  6. BC

    Ben Chen

    Regional Director – East Asia and SE Asia

  7. Cheryl Duhaime

    Cheryl Duhaime

    Project Manager

  8. Mary Carole Hall

    Mary Carole Hall

    Director of Special Projects

  9. RH

    Robyn Ham

    Area Director – Asia

  10. Al Hawthorne

    Al Hawthorne

    Regional Director – Africa and Middle East

  11. Sergey Ignashin

    Sergey Ignashin

    Regional Director – Eurasia

  12. Rachel Lamb

    Rachel Lamb

    Training Advisor

  13. M

    Rev. M

    Regional Director - South Asia

  14. Dulce Merida

    Dulce Merida

    Training Advisor – Latin America

  15. R

    Rev. R

    Area Director – South Asia

  16. Cloud Roman

    Cloud Roman

    Area Director – East Africa

  17. Simpson Teh

    Simpson Teh

    Area Director – Malaysia and Singapore

  18. Rev. Dr. Gary Waldecker

    Rev. Dr. Gary Waldecker

    Training and Partnership Consultant

  19. TZ


    Associate Director - China