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God sent an evil spirit? 1 Samuel 16:14

How can God who is holy and not capable of sin or darkness (1 John 1:5) send an evil spirit to Saul (1 Sam. 16:14)?

Topics: Historical BooksGodBiblical Theology

Are all Protestants going to Hell (Catholic Dogma)?

The Roman Catholic Church says they are the only true church? They say "Outside the Church there is no salvation." So, are all Protestants going to Hell?

Topics: Biblical TheologyApologeticsReformation

Why was the Bible Written?

Was the Bible written for a purpose?

Topics: God

Falling Short of God's Glory

What does it mean to "fall short of the Glory of God"?

Topics: Pauline EpistlesMan

What is the age of accountability?

I’ve been taught that there is a certain age (perhaps 12 or 13) before which a child either does not sin, or at least they are not held accountable for their sins. Is this biblical?

Topics: Biblical TheologyApologetics

Comfort From Jesus' Return

How does Jesus' return comfort us when we go through the sorrows of this life?

Topics: Last Days

The Presence of Viruses in the World

Why does the world we live in contain viruses and other ordeals that can harm humanity and even kill us?

Topics: Man

Suffering and Disease from Humanity's Fall

How does humanity's fall into sin bring disease and suffering to humanity?

Topics: ManLast Days

God's Comfort in John 3:16

How does John 3:16 comfort us when we suffer through sorrows and trials?

Topics: GodChristian Living

Christ's Victory Over Sin and Disease

How did Christ's earthly ministry secure victory over sin, misery and disease?

Topics: ChristLast Days

Is Coronavirus the final frontier?

Is COVID-19 the final frontier? Does anything come after COVID-19?

Topics: EthicsChristSalvation