Dr. Thaddeus J. James, Jr.

Dr. Thaddeus J. James, Jr. is Vice President of Academic Affairs at Birmingham Theological Seminary. He holds an M.A. in Pastoral Leadership from BTS and a Ph.D. in Theology from Trinity Theological Seminary. In addition to teaching seminary students and supervising faculty, Dr. James serves as Director of the BTS Prison Initiative at Bibb County Correctional Facility, a program that offers Certificates in Practical Theology and/or M.A. degrees in Biblical Studies. He is Associate Minister and a Ruling Elder at Household of Faith Church (PCA) in Birmingham, and served as chair of the Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries (ARTS) Commission on Accreditation. Dr. James and his wife Yvonne are the parents of six children, ten grandchildren, and have been licensed therapeutic foster parents for more than 19 years.

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