The Devastating Effects of the Fall

How did the Fall affect the created world?

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When we look at the Fall, when we look at the created world, we look at the creation again that everything that God created was perfect, everything that God created was good. And then we go back again to Genesis 1:31, and after he created man he said that is was very good. Now, we enter into Genesis 3 and we have the Fall. So, now we see that everything that God created has now dramatically changed because of sin. We see that now in the garden, work will now become toil, it's going to be sweat, it's going to be struggle, it's going to be hard. What was originally beautiful in the woman in childbirth is now equally going to be pain, it's going to be troublesome, it's not going to be an easy task. But now equally, what has happened to the relationship of man to God, in which now is Adam now walking in the garden in the cool of the day, because now that separation has existed between man and God, so that innocence, that purity, that sinlessness is lost. So, we see that not only in the devastation between man and woman, between woman and God, but also now on the earth, because death has entered into the world. And so now, where there was peace among animals, now animals are fighting and destroying and killing and eating each other. Now we have weeds that are growing up in the beautiful land that God created, and we have droughts and all those things that now have come because of the devastation of sin upon this world.

Answer by Dr. Thaddeus J. James, Jr.

Dr. Thaddeus J. James, Jr. is Vice President of Academic Affairs at Birmingham Theological Seminary.