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Growing Bold, Not Old, in Our Faith (Dr. Steve Brown)

  • Episode 16 - How Do We Stay in the Race for the Long Haul?

    What does it take to run the race of faith? How should we prepare for ministry? This week Dr. Steve Brown and Dr. Richard Pratt discuss how faith isn't a sprint, but a marathon that requires spiritual conditioning, training and, as Steve says, "a bit of a mean streak … like the old circuit riders." And Richard prescribes "simulated combat" or "boot camp" that puts seminarians on the streets and in hospital rooms. Enjoy this lively and informative conversation as we discuss these and other topics with two old friends.

    Date: September 26, 2018
    Runtime: 16:37
  • Episode 15 - How Do We Keep Growing?

    Why don't we pray? According to Dr. Steve Brown, President of Key Life Network, "Unbelievers don’t pray because they're afraid God is going to show. And, if God shows, they're in trouble, because they can't be God anymore. Christians don't pray because they're afraid God won’t show … [but] God does show." Join us, whether with your morning coffee or on your evening commute, as Dr. Steve Brown and Dr. Richard Pratt discuss why we pray and the role of suffering in the Christian life.

    Date: September 19, 2018
    Runtime: 12:26
  • Episode 14 - We're a Mess, and We Just Can't Help It

    "The essence of Christian faith is forgiveness … given by screwed-up people to other screwed-up people." This week, we welcome back Dr. Steve Brown, President of Key Life Network and friend of Third Mill, and Dr. Richard Pratt, President of Third Mill. They talk about how this message of forgiveness is spreading like wildfire throughout Asia, Latin America and Africa. They also discuss a very real threat to this message and why it's so important for Christians to share Jesus' passion for the growth of his Kingdom with people in places very different from our own.

    Date: September 12, 2018
    Runtime: 13:57
  • Episode 13 - Communicating Across Deep Divides

    Because of growing divisions in our society, it's getting harder to talk about important things, not just with our neighbors, but even in our own families. Many of us see only obstacles, not opportunities to share our faith. In this episode, Dr. Richard Pratt shares the story of an American Jew, who was a practicing Buddhist, who came to Christ through Richard's near-death experience. And Dr. Steve Brown describes evangelism as a welcoming party where Christians are willing to show their neighbors how they really live, warts and all.

    Date: September 5, 2018
    Runtime: 11:19