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Collaboration and Creativity to Equip Church Leaders (Rev. Will Savell)

  • Episode 8 - A New Partnership with the Argentine Bible Society

    Will Savell announces Teleios, a new multi-member partnership led by the Argentine Bible Society. In conjunction with the Grace Institute, Third Mill, and Leadership Ministries Worldwide (LMW), this innovative ministry provides a free digital-learning platform for Spanish-speaking pastors. Through their vast network, the Argentine Bible Society has already attracted more than 2000 students who have made a commitment to growing in their Christian maturity through this ministry!

    Date: June 20, 2018
    Runtime: 12:26
  • Episode 7 - The Growth of the Latino Church

    Many missiologists claim that Latin America is reached for Christ. But the prosperity gospel and syncretistic expressions of Christianity are widespread. Will Savell tells us why Third Mill's materials are necessary for the church in Latin America and the Caribbean to grow mature and strong. He also identifies several ministry sites where the Grace Institute and Third Mill are working together to strengthen the Latino church.

    Date: June 13, 2018
    Runtime: 12:55
  • Episode 6 - What We Love about Thirdmill's Curriculum (with Josh Warren and Will Savell)

    Will Savell introduces Josh Warren, the new Director of Curriculum at the Grace Institute. Will and Josh discuss what they look for in ministry training materials and why they've chosen to partner with Third Mill. They also offer innovative ways to adapt and format Third Mill's curriculum for pastors in remote rural regions.

    Date: June 6, 2018
    Runtime: 12:23
  • Episode 5 - The Bear Grylls of Pastoral Training

    Will Savell, the founder and president of the Grace Institute (and a key partner and champion for Third Mill's training curriculum!), tells us about the acute need for pastoral-training resources that motivated him to start the Grace Institute. He also outlines three distinctives of his work and shares a story or two about the "Bear Grylls approach" that some pastoral training contexts require.

    Date: May 30, 2018
    Runtime: 11:26