God's Initiative to Reveal Himself

What are the main ways we can come to know God?

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The only way we could come to know God is if God takes the initiative to disclose himself, to reveal himself, to make himself known to us. And the Scripture teaches that he done so in three main ways. He has revealed himself in his word that God speaks, and though sometimes God reveals in his word that is mediated through humans, that the Scriptures are the words of God mediated through human spokespersons. God reveals himself in his word. Scriptures teach that God reveals himself in his world. God reveals himself, the psalmist says in Psalm 19, in the heavens and the earth. Then Paul says in Romans 1 that creation reveals God's eternal power and divine nature. So, God reveals himself in the world. And then God reveals himself primarily, ultimately, finally in his * in the Word who has come into the world, and what John does in John 1 is take us back to Genesis 1, that the Word of creation is the Word who became flesh and dwelt among us. So, we know who God is in three * by means of three main forms of revelation: his word, his world, and the Word who has come into the world. And the final Word is the most important word, that we know who God is because hes revealed in his Son.

Answer by Dr. Glenn R. Kreider

Dr. Glenn Kreider is a Professor of Theological Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.