Dr. Glenn R. Kreider

Dr. Kreider identifies his motivations as his passion for the triune God and his desire to help others respond to divine revelation in spirit and truth. Prior to coming to DTS he directed Christian education and pastored a church in Cedar Hill, Texas. Dr. Kreiders research interests include Jonathan Edwards, theological method, and our eschatological hope. He is married to Janice and they have two children. Dr. Kreider enjoys his adorable black lab named Chloe, two pugs, bold coffee, and good music.

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Trinitarian Formulas in Scripture

How are the Trinitarian formulas in the New Testament helpful to our understanding of pneumatology?

Topics: GodHoly SpiritEarly Church

Demonstrating the Divinity of the Holy Spirit

How can we demonstrate the divinity of the Holy Spirit from Scripture?

Topics: Holy SpiritGod

The Holy Spirit Restrains Evil

What are some ways that the Holy Spirit restrains evil and promotes goodness in humanity at large?

Topics: Holy Spirit

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