In what senses can we say that God is a king?

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In what sense is God a king? I think in every sense of the word—in his rule, in his decrees, in his dominion. I love particularly in the book of Daniel you see this interaction between Nebuchadnezzar, who at that time was the most powerful individual in the known world, made humble, and for many years until finally he realized who actually is the king. And in that moment his sanity is restored to him. I think that concept, however, is kind of hard for moderns to grapple with. In our cultures the move to democracy is seen as progressive and the right way, and kingship and kingdoms seem so antiquated and so the wrong way to do things. The reality is democracy is only good because man is actually wicked and we need all these checks and balances. God as a king is a really good thing. We want a king. We want God as our king. I remember once hearing a quote—it was wonderful—it says, "I'm not against slavery because men are not fit to be slaves. I'm against slavery because men are not fit to be masters." That's absolutely right, because the heart of man is wicked. So there is one righteous One, and that is God, and he is the King, and that's something that we can all take comfort in.

Answer by Rev. Ric Rodeheaver

Dr. Ric Rodeheaver is Senior Pastor of Christ Community Church in Laguna Hills, California.