Dr. Thomas J. Nettles

Dr. Thomas Nettles received his M.Div. and Ph.D. degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and was the Professor of Church History and Chair of the Department of Church History at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Dr. Nettles went on to serve on the faculty at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. In 1997, he took the position as Professor of Historical Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Nettles is widely regarded as one of the foremost Baptist historians in America. Along with numerous journal articles and scholarly papers, he is the author and editor of nine books. Among his books are By His Grace and For His Glory; Baptists and the Bible, which he co-authored with L. Russ Bush; Why I Am a Baptist, co-edited with Russell D. Moore; and James Petigru Boyce: A Southern Baptist Statesman

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