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Tobias Mattei

Tobias Mattei graduated with a degree in Medicine in Sao Paulo, Brazil, completed his residency in Neurosurgery at the 'Instituto de Neurologia de Curitiba' at Brazil and is currently participating in a Fellowship in Spine Surgery at the University of Illinois at Peoria. Dr. Mattei is also a student of Reformed Theological Seminary, Virtual Campus, in the M.A.R program. His special interests include interdisciplinary research, as well as using Philosophical and Scientific knowledge as apologetic themes to support and defend the Christian Faith. Dr. Mattei is currently editing a book in "Interdisciplinary Approach of Neuroscience, Epistemology and Cognition." He has already performed research in Philosophy of Mathematics and Kant's Epistemology as well as Philosophy of Science and Quantum Physics and Consciousness. Dr. Mattei is currently living in Peoria, Illinois. He attends Riverside Community Church - Oaks Campus, which now is called 'Oaks Family Community Church' under the leadership of Pastor Pat Sheets


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