Rev Thomas A. Mathisen

Thomas lives in Blue Island IL where he shepherds Evangelical Community Church ( part of the CCCC denomination, ( He is a father, husband, son, brother and most importantly a child of our wonderful Heavenly Father. He is also active in right to life issues as the Director of Men's Ministries for the South Side Pregnancy Center ( A graduate of Cedarville University and Reformed Theological Seminary, Thomas is the author of Brian McLarne's view of Sanctification and WWWPeriod (due out fall of 2014).

When he is not reading, studying, speaking or writing he enjoys being with his wife Lori and their extremely cool sons Alec and Hayden. Tom loves to play golf, box and coo

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Where is Our Kingdom Lifestyle Based?

By: Rev Thomas A. Mathisen

Matthew 5:13-16

Volume 16, Number 32 (8/3/2014, to 8/9/2014)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Gospels and ActsBiblical TheologyChristian Living

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