Thomas Brooks

Thomas Brooks Thomas Brooks (1608-1680) was a nonconformist preacher. Born into a Puritan family, he was sent to Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He soon became an advocate of the Congregational way and served as a chaplain in the Civil War. In 1648 he accepted the rectory of St. Margaret's, New Fish Street, London, but only after making his Congregational principles clear to the vestry. On several occasions he preached before Parliament. He was ejected in 1660 and remained in London as a Nonconformist preacher. Government spies reported that he preached at Tower Wharf and in Moorfields. During the Great Plague and Great Fire he worked in London and in 1672 was granted a license to preach in Lime Street. He wrote over a dozen books, most of which are devotional in character.

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Heaven on Earth

By: Thomas Brooks

Chapter 6

Volume 13, Number 26 (6/26/2011, to 7/2/2011)

Format: Webpage

Topics: ManEthicsPhilosophy

The Mute Christian under the Smarting Rod

By: Thomas Brooks

Part III

Volume 22, Number 13 (3/22/2020, to 3/28/2020)

Formats: WebpageWordPDF

Topics: Biblical TheologyChristian LivingGod

The Reign of Grace

By: Thomas Brooks

Part II

Volume 22, Number 12 (3/15/2020, to 3/21/2020)

Formats: WebpageWordPDF

Topics: Biblical TheologyChristian LivingChrist

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