Thomas Adams

Thomas Adams is one of our authors about whom very little is known. Neither the date of his birth nor death is known. He is first heard of laboring in the rural parish of Willington in 1612, and subsequently in his parish life appeared to have much leisure for writing and making regular visits to London. His works are pithy and lively and were much quoted by men in his day. Southey esteemed Adams as scarcely inferior to Thomas Fuller in wit, and Jeremy Taylor in fancy. His works (chiefly sermons, and an exposition of Peter) were published in 1630, and also reappeared last century. He was sequestered from his living for his loyalty and was passing a necessitous and decrepit old age in London in 1653. He died, therefore, before the Restoration.

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Semper Idem

By: Thomas Adams

or, The Immutable Mercy of Jesus Christ

Volume 15, Number 47 (11/17/2013, to 11/23/2013)

Format: Webpage

Topics: General Epistles and RevelationBiblical TheologyChrist

A Diagnosis

By: Thomas Adams

Volume 9, Number 39 (9/23/2007, to 9/29/2007)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Church and Sacraments

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