Steve Hays

Steve Hays (1959-2020) was a native of the greater Seattle area. He double majored in history and classics and earned an M.A.R. from Reformed Theological Seminary. He stated that, In theology I'm a Calvinist, creationist, inerrantist, semicessationist, classical Christian theist, and amil (with postmil sympathies). He was a member of the Triablogue blogging team and his writings can be found at

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Why I Believe (Part 2 of 2)

By: Steve Hays

An article offering numerous critiques of non-Christian thought

Volume 5, Number 28 (7/28/2003, to 8/17/2003)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Apologetics

By: Steve Hays

An Apologetics Handbook

Volume 6 (Summer 2004 Apologetics, to Summer 2004 Apologetics)

Topics: Apologetics

The Four-Door Labyrinth (3 of 4)

By: Steve Hays

A study of four key theological questions in Christendom

Volume 5, Number 20 (5/26/2003, to 6/8/2003)

Format: Webpage

Topics: God

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