Rev. Dr. Simon Vibert

Rev. Dr. Simon Vibert is Senior Pastor of Christ Church Virginia Water, England. From 2007 to 2017 he held the position of Vice Principal at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. He was also the Director of the School of Preaching and has a strong interest in training the next generation of Preachers. Dr Vibert was educated at Oak Hill College in London, Glasgow University, as well as Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi and Orlando, Florida. He has also served as Chairman of the Fellowship of Word and Spirit and is a Trustee of Latimer Trust and a member of the Church of England Evangelical Council. He has significant interest in theological training overseas, particularly in Tanzania, Zambia, Serbia and Haiti. He is involved in John Stott's "Langham Trainers" which seeks to equip Pastors around the world with the desire and skills for better bible preaching.||Simon also has years of experience in prior parish ministry serving as as Vicar of St Luke's Church Wimbledon Park, Trinity Church Buxton, with a curacy in Houghton and Kingmoor, Carlisle.||Dr Vibert has written in the areas of Preaching, Human Sexuality and Contemporary Culture. His first book "The Diamond Marriage" was published by Christian Focus in 2005. Lives Jesus Changed, a book about characterisation in John's Gospel, is also published by Christian Focus (2010). IVP published "Excellence in Preaching. Learning from the Best" (2011).||Simon is married to Caroline and they have three children and two grandchildren.

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Jonathan Edwards

By: Rev. Dr. Simon Vibert

Volume 5, Number 33 (9/15/2003, to 9/21/2003)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Modern Church

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Motivations to Keep Going in Hebrews

How should we understand the warnings against apostasy in Hebrews?

Topics: General Epistles and Revelation

Jesus' Superiority to the Sacrifices in the Old Testament

How was Jesus' sacrifice for sin superior to the sacrifices offered in the Old Testament?

Topics: PentateuchGeneral Epistles and Revelation

The Holy Spirit's Work to Write Scripture

How did the Holy Spirit interact with human authors to write Scripture?

Topics: GodHoly Spirit

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