Dr. Michael Kruger

Dr. Michael J. Kruger (Ph.D., University of Edinburgh) is President and the Samuel C. Patterson Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC. He is one of the leading scholars today in the study of the origins of the New Testament, particularly the development of the New Testament canon and the transmission of the New Testament text. He is the author of numerous books including The Gospel of the Savior (Brill, 2005), The Heresy of Orthodoxy (Crossway, 2010, with Andreas Kstenberger), Canon Revisited (Crossway, 2012), and The Question of Canon (IVP, 2013). He is also the co-editor of The Early Text of the New Testament (Oxford, 2012), and Gospel Fragments (Oxford, 2009). Dr. Kruger is ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America and also serves (part-time) as Pastor of Teaching at Uptown PCA in downtown Charlotte.

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Context is Key

What are the most important hermeneutical principles we should follow?

Topics: Interpretation

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A Passion for God's Word

By: Dr. Michael Kruger

Nehemiah Nehemiah, Passion, God, Word, Old Testament

From the series: Nehemiah

Format: mp3 (32-bit)

Topics: Historical BooksGodBiblical Theology

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