K Scott Oliphint

PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary, is professor of apologetics and systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and has written numerous scholarly articles and books, including God With Us. He is also the co-editor of the two-volume Christian Apologetics Past and Present: A Primary Source Reader and Revelation and Reason: New Essays in Reformed Apologetics.

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Always Ready

By: K Scott Oliphint

Covenantal Apologetics:—Principles & Practice in Defense of Our Faith—Chapter 1

Volume 18, Number 5 (1/24/2016, to 1/30/2016)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Apologetics

Jonathan Edwards

By: K Scott Oliphint

Reformed Apologist

Volume 18, Number 6 (1/31/2016, to 2/6/2016)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Apologetics

Unbelievers and the Knowledge of God

By: K Scott Oliphint

Biblical Warrant for a Presuppositional Apologetic

Volume 18, Number 9 (2/21/2016, to 2/27/2016)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Apologetics

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