Dr. Knox Chamblin

Dr. Knox Chamblin (December 28, 1935 - February 7, 2012) earned his B.D. and Th. M. degrees in 1961 at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia and earned his Th.D. degree from Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, Virginia in 1975. From 1967 to 1980, Dr. Chamblin taught Bible at Belhaven College, and from 1980 to 2001, he was Professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary. He was the author of numerous articles and books, including Paul and the Self (Baker, 1993) and a two-volume commentary on the book of Matthew. He was also particularly fond of the writer C.S. Lewis, and often taught classes on his work. In addition to his teaching at Belhaven and RTS, Dr. Chamblin spoke and lectured at seminaries and mission conferences in Brazil, Peru, and Indonesia, preached at numerous churches throughout Mississippi, and for many years taught Sunday School at Trinity Presbyterian Church. Dr. Chamblin was widely respected as a masterful classroom teacher and outstanding example of Christian living. Dr. Chamblin and his wife, Ginger, were married for over forty-six years and together they raised two daughters. Dr. Chamblin passed away on February 7, 2012

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The Question of Divorce

By: Dr. Knox Chamblin

Commentary on Matthew 19:1-12

Volume 1, Number 37 (11/8/1999, to 11/14/1999)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Gospels and Acts

The Ministry of John the Baptist: Matthew 3:1-17

By: Dr. Knox Chamblin

Commentary, study questions, and lesson suggestions.

Volume 1, Number 4 (3/22/1999, to 3/28/1999)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Gospels and Acts

The Person of Jesus the Son of Man

By: Dr. Knox Chamblin

Commentary on Matthew 16:13-20

Volume 1, Number 30 (9/20/1999, to 9/26/1999)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Gospels and Acts

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