Dr. John Fesko

Dr. Fesko is a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He served in church planting and pastoral ministry for more than ten years. His research interests include the integration of biblical and systematic theology, soteriology, and early modern Reformed theology.

Dr. Fesko's most recent publications include, The Theology of the Westminster Standards, Songs of a Suffering King, and Beyond Calvin: Union with Christ and Justification in Early Modern Reformed Theology. His scholarly essays have appeared in various books and journals including Reformed Theological Review, Journal of Reformed Theology, Church History and Religious Culture, Calvin Theological Journal, Trinity Journal, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, and the Westminster Theological Journal.

Dr. Fesko and his wife, Anneke, have three children and reside in Escondido.

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Justification In Church History

By: Dr. John Fesko

The Reformation and Post-Reformation (1517-1700)

Volume 17, Number 21 (5/17/2015, to 5/23/2015)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Biblical TheologyReformation

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