Joel Kletzing

Rev. Joel Kletzing is a Congregational pastor in a small town in central Pennsylvania. He is married to Nancy and has two sons. He has been educated in Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran and Reformed settings and has come to greater appreciation of the Puritans over the last decade.

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Shipwrecked, Rescued and Grounded

By: Joel Kletzing

Relating Edwards, Witsius and the Heidelberg Catechism

Volume 17, Number 48 (11/22/2015, to 11/28/2015)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Biblical Theology

Is It Better to Be Behind on the Path?

By: Joel Kletzing

Experiencing the Path of Christian Spirituality in Different Millenia

Volume 24, Number 39 (9/18/2022, to 9/24/2022)

Formats: WebpageWordPDF

Topics: GodBiblical TheologyChristian Living

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