Herman Bavinck

Herman Bavinck Herman Bavinck (December 13, 1854-July 29, 1921) was a Dutch Reformed theologian and churchman. Bavinck was born in the town of Hoogeveen in the Netherlands to a German father. He first went to theological school at Kampen, but then moved on to Leiden for further training. He graduated in 1880 from Leiden having completed a dissertation on Ulrich Zwingli. A year later, Bavinck was appointed Professor of Dogmatics at Kampen Theological Seminary. In 1902 he succeeded Abraham Kuyper as Professor of Theology at the Free University in Amsterdam (VU). He remained at VU for the remainder of his teaching career. Bavincks publications include: The Doctrine of God (transl. 1951). Gereformeerde Dogmatiek (4 vols, many editions in Dutch, now completely translated into English as Reformed Dogmatics) Our Reasonable Faith (1909; the English translation of this originally Dutch text was produced much later). Philosophy of Revelation (The Stone Lectures, Princeton, USA, 1909). The Last Things (transl. 1996).

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The Origin, Essence, and Purpose of Man

By: Herman Bavinck

Volume 9, Number 25 (6/17/2007, to 6/23/2007)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Salvation

Supralapsarianism and Infralapsarianism

By: Herman Bavinck

Volume 9, Number 4 (1/21/2007, to 1/27/2007)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Salvation

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