Dr. G. K. Beale

Dr. G. K. Beale G. K. Beale is the Kenneth T. Wessner Chair of Biblical Studies and Professor of New Testament at Wheaton College. He received his Ph.D. in Divinity from University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England (Greek and Hebrew exegesis) in 1981. In 1976 he received a Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas, concentrated in Greek, Hebrew, biblical and theological studies, and graduated with honors in the Department of Semitics and Old Testament. He holds a Master of Arts in History from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, (concentration in Augustinian and Reformation studies) and a B.A. in Humanities from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas where he majored in Philosophy and History. Prior to joining the Wheaton Graduate School faculty in the Fall of 2000, Dr. Beale served as a guest assistant and assistant professor of Biblical studies in the Department of Religion and Philosophy at Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania (from 1980 to 1984). There he taught courses in Old Testament, New Testament, and theology. He left Grove City College to become respectively an Assistant, Associate and full Professor of New Testament at Gordon - Conwell Theological Seminary from 1984 to Spring of 2000

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Garden Temple

By: Dr. G. K. Beale

Part 2

Volume 17, Number 15 (4/5/2015, to 4/11/2015)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Biblical TheologyChurch and SacramentsInterpretation

Garden Temple

By: Dr. G. K. Beale

Part 1

Volume 17, Number 14 (3/29/2015, to 4/4/2015)

Format: Webpage

Topics: PentateuchChurch and SacramentsBiblical Theology

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