George Smeaton

George Smeaton "... was ordained to the ministry of the Church of Scotland at Falkland in the Presbytery of Cupar in 1839. He was among those hundreds of ministers who came out at the Disruption in 1843 to form the Free Church of Scotland. Later he was appointed by Church to be professor in her College at Aberdeen (1854) and in 1857 he became professor of Exegetics in the New College, Edinburgh. He died on the 14th April, 1889. He was one of the brilliant galaxy of men on the staff of the Free Church College in Edinburgh a century ago. Principal John Macleod describes Smeaton as ‘the most eminent scholar of the set of young men who with McCheyne and the Bonars sat at the feet of Chalmers'." W.J. Grier

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The Personality and the Procession of the Holy Spirit

By: George Smeaton

Volume 9, Number 31 (7/29/2007, to 8/4/2007)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Holy Spirit

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