Rev. David E. Scott

David was born in Bellevue, Washington and grew up in Seattle, attending North Seattle Alliance Church (a Christian & Missionary Alliance congregation). He had the privilege of being shepherded in the faith by a godly father and mother, who prayed for him, taught him the Bible, and lived out an exemplary Christian character. His undergraduate studies were done at Biola University and Trinity Western University (B.A., Biblical Studies). Further studies were completed at Reformed Theological Seminary (M.A., Biblical Studies) and at Westminster Theological Seminary (M.Div.). Sara is also from the Pacific Northwest (Redmond), and first heard and believed the gospel while studying as an exchange student in England during her junior year of high school. David and Sara were married in 1998 and have four children: Elizabeth (12), Rebecca (10), Hannah (9), and Samuel (7). David was ordained in 2001 as the associate pastor at Covenant Presbyterian Church (Issaquah, WA) where he served for six years before coming on staff at Faith Presbyterian Church (Tacoma, WA) in 2007, in preparation for the planting of Resurrection Presbyterian Church, Puyallup, Washington.

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A True Work of God

By: Rev. David E. Scott

Part 1: 1 Thessalonians Sermon Series

Volume 15, Number 31 (7/28/2013, to 8/3/2013)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Pauline EpistlesBiblical Theology

Paul's Longing

By: Rev. David E. Scott

1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:5

Volume 15, Number 34 (8/18/2013, to 8/24/2013)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Pauline EpistlesBiblical Theology

Love and Holiness

By: Rev. David E. Scott

1 Thessalonians 3:11-13

Volume 15, Number 36 (9/1/2013, to 9/7/2013)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Pauline EpistlesBiblical Theology

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