Dr. D.A. Carson

Dr. Carson came to Trinity from the faculty of Northwest Baptist Theological Seminary in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he served for two years as academic dean. He also taught at Northwest Baptist Theological College, Richmond College, and Central Baptist Seminary in Toronto. He has served as assistant pastor and pastor and has done itinerant ministry in Canada and the United Kingdom. Additionally, he is the president of The Gospel Coalition. Dr. Carson is an active guest lecturer in academic and church settings around the world. He and his wife, Joy, reside in Libertyville, Illinois. They have two children. In his spare time, Dr. Carson enjoys reading, hiking, and woodworking.

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The Biblical Gospel

By: Dr. D.A. Carson

Volume 11, Number 51 (12/20/2009, to 12/26/2009)

Format: Webpage

Topics: GodApologeticsPhilosophy

Excuses For Not Praying

By: Dr. D.A. Carson

An Article

Volume 14, Number 6 (2/5/2012, to 2/11/2012)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Christian LivingSalt and Light

The Love of God and the Intent of the Atonement

By: Dr. D.A. Carson

An Article

Volume 15, Number 10 (3/3/2013, to 3/9/2013)

Format: Webpage

Topics: GodSalvationBiblical Theology

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Jesus' Victorious First Coming

How was Jesus victorious over the enemies of God's kingdom in the inauguration of God's kingdom?

Topics: Historical Books

Christ's Merit vs Our Merit

Are eternal rewards based only on Christ’s merit, or does our merit count too?

Topics: ChristSalvationEthics

The Last Days in Hebrews

In what ways did the author of Hebrews believe that history had reached the last days with the coming of Jesus Christ?

Topics: Last DaysGeneral Epistles and Revelation

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