Dr. Robert B. Chisholm, Jr.

While Dr. Chisholm enjoys teaching the full breadth of Old Testament Studies, he takes special delight in the Former and Latter Prophets. Dr. Chisholm has published several books, with commentaries on Judges-Ruth and 1-2 Samuel forthcoming. He is senior Old Testament editor for the NET Bible. Dr. Chisholm's background includes BA from Syracuse University in 1973, an MDiv in 1976 and ThM in 1978 from Grace Theological Seminary, and a ThD from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1983.

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The Main Purpose of Prophecy

What was the main purpose of biblical prophecy?

Topics: Prophets

Reading Critical Commentaries on the Pentateuch

Why is it important for evangelicals to become familiar with critical approaches to the Pentateuch?

Topics: Pentateuch

The Hebrew of the Pentateuch

Should we be troubled by the fact that the Pentateuch reflects a form of Hebrew that is much later than the time of Moses?

Topics: Pentateuch

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