Archibald Alexander

Archibald Alexander was a Presbyterian theologian and educator who lived from 1772 to 1851.

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Thoughts on Religious Experience

By: Archibald Alexander

Erroneous views of regeneration—The correct view—The operation of faith—Exercises of mind, as illustrated in Jonathan Edwards's narrative—The operations of faith still further explained

Volume 19, Number 15 (4/9/2017, to 4/15/2017)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Christian LivingSalvation

Thoughts on Religious Experience

By: Archibald Alexander

Christian experience of R__ C__—Narrative of Sir Richard Hill's experience.

Volume 19, Number 18 (4/30/2017, to 5/6/2017)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Salvation

Thoughts on Religious Experience

By: Archibald Alexander

Causes of diversity in experience continued—Effect of temperament. Melancholy, Advice to the friends of people thus affected—Illustrative cases - Causes of melancholy and insanity

Volume 19, Number 13 (3/26/2017, to 4/1/2017)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Christian Living

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