Abraham Booth

Abraham Booth (May 20, 1734 January 27, 1806) was an early British Baptist minister and author. He published "Reign of Grace" at the age of 33 and was ordained as pastor of the Prescott Street Church on February 16, 1769. He was a man of vast reading in his own language and in Latin, and he was justly reputed one of the most learned men of his day. He was instrumental in founding Stepney College, which has been such a blessing to the British Baptist churches. Mr. Booth was a man of strict integrity, of great devoutness, and of a large knowledge of the divine Word. He was the author of eight works, besides a number of printed sermons; some of these works have passed through many editions. He died January 27, 1806, at the age of 73, after a pastorate of thirty-seven years in London.

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The Reign of Grace

By: Abraham Booth

Chapter 6

Volume 21, Number 50 (12/8/2019, to 12/14/2019)

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Topics: Biblical TheologyChristian LivingGod

The Reign of Grace

By: Abraham Booth

Chapter 3

Volume 21, Number 47 (11/17/2019, to 11/23/2019)

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Topics: Biblical TheologyGodChristian Living

The Reign of Grace

By: Abraham Booth

Chapter 5

Volume 21, Number 49 (12/1/2019, to 12/7/2019)

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Topics: Biblical TheologyChristGod

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