Galatians: Outlines

IN DEFENSE OF THE PURE GOSPEL: The Gospel Of Christ: Carnal Slaves Rescued, Spiritual Sons Set Free to Love back to top
  • The Gospel: Of Divine Origin and Utterly Sacred (1:8-16)
  • A New Creation: Christ Rescues Us through Death and Resurrection (1:4;16-21;3:3-5;6:14,15)
  • The Faith of Abraham: A Blessing Based upon God's Promise, Not Law (3:6-18)
  • The Law: A Schoolmaster to Bring Us to Christ (3:19-25)
  • The Promise: Every Heir of Abraham is a Beloved Son and No Longer a Slave (3:26-4:7)
  • The City: Believers are of the New Heavenly Jerusalem, not the Earthly Enslaved City (4:21-31)
  • The Liberty: To Walk in the Spirit by Faith Which Expresses Itself in Love (5:1-15)
  • The Fruit: Of Walking in God's Spirit, Which the Flesh Cannot Produce (5:16-26)
  • The Law of the Spirit: Vigilent Sacrificial Christian Love (6:1-10)

A COMMUNITY BITING AND DEVOURING ONE ANOTHER: A Community Ready to Abandon Their Love for Legalistic Instigators back to top
  • Paul's Rebuke: The Duplicity of the Galatians with Regards to the Pure Gospel (1:5-2:21)
  • Paul's Perplexity: The Galations Abandoning Their Love for Him Because of Truth (4:11-16)
  • Paul's Concern: The Galatians Already Damaged by the False Teachers (4:17-20)
  • Paul's Admonishment: The Galatian's Need to Expell the Slave Makers (4:26-31)
  • Paul's Desire: That These Legalistic Instigators Be Rendered Sterile by Being Emasculated (5:7-12)
  • Paul's Indictment: If You Bite and Devour You Will Consume One Another (5:15)
  • Paul's Warning: The Lawless Circumcision Group Boasts in Carnal Outward Expression (6:12,13)

"I DID NOT GIVE IN FOR A MOMENT: An Apostle Devoted to the Gospel of God's Love back to top
  • Paul's Divinely Ordained Ministry: To Preach the Gospel of God's Son (1:1-2:5)
  • Paul's Impassioned Defense: The Purity of the Gospel Rather Than Pleasing Men (2:6-19)
  • Paul's Manner Of Life: Crucifixion and Life by Faith in the Sacrificed Son of God (1:20)
  • Paul Appeal: For the Galatians to Follow His Example (4:12)
  • Paul's Boast: He Bears on His Body the Marks of the Lord Jesus (6:17)

DIACHRONIC OVERVIEW: Being Crucified with Christ and Living to Tell about It back to top
  • I am Crucified with Christ, I no longer live, but Christ Lives in Me (1:20)
  • You are All Sons of God through Faith in Christ Jesus (3:26)
  • When the Time had Fully Come, God sent his Son to Redeem Those under Law (4:4,5)
  • Christ Grants to Believers the Full Rights of Sons (4:5)
  • You are No Longer a Slave, but a Son (4:7)
  • The Jerusalem That is Above is Free - She is our Mother (4:26)
  • Those Who Belong to Christ Jesus have Crucified the Sinful Nature with its Passions and Desires (5:24)
  • Christ Gave Himself to Rescue Us from the Present Evil Age (1:4)
  • The Scripture Declares the Whole World Prisoner to Sin so that the Promise is a Gift to Believers (3:22)
  • Now You Know God - are Known of God - Why Turn Back to Beggarly Principals (4:8,9)
  • Those Who are Trying to be Justified by the Law have Fallen Away from Grace (5:4)
  • Those Who Live According to the Flesh will not Inherit the Kingdom of God (5:21)
  • We will Reap a Harvest in Due Time if We do not Faint (6:9)
  • The Circumcision Group: An Outward Impression, Avoid Persecution, and Glory in the Flesh (6:12-14)
  • By the Cross of Christ We have been Crucified to the World, and It to Us (6:14)
  • Circumcision is Meaningless - What Counts is a New Creation (6:15)